Re: XQuery and Web services

On Wed, Dec 05, 2001 at 02:16:57PM -0800, Vadim Draluk wrote:
> The apparent difficulty is in the difference between
> documents and Web services, the latter being functions
> mapping one set of documents into another. There's no
> way I can see in XQuery to explicitly specify input
> documents (hope no one would suggest putting them into
> the URL parameter of the document() function). 

I'm probably just being naive here, but why is it not OK to give the
service URL as a parameter to document? What prevents document()
from working with 'virtual' documents?

In database terms, a 'service' is just a view, what's wrong with 
querying that view, even if it's not materialized?

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Vassilis Papadimos.

Received on Wednesday, 5 December 2001 20:47:17 UTC