Re: XQuery and Web services

Vadim Draluk wrote:

> The apparent difficulty is in the difference between
> documents and Web services, the latter being functions
> mapping one set of documents into another. There's no
> way I can see in XQuery to explicitly specify input
> documents (hope no one would suggest putting them into
> the URL parameter of the document() function).

Kawa-XQuery provides an experimental extension allowing
the programmer to get servlet parameters, including the
request URL.  Some suitable (missing) helper functions
can hide the details and return a string you can pass
to 'document'. For more infomation, and an annotated example

This is admittedly relatively rather low-level, and may
not be quite what you had in mind.  At the very least
you'd want a higher-level interface to hide the details
of the servlet API and URL parsing.
	--Per Bothner

Received on Wednesday, 5 December 2001 18:44:16 UTC