Re: Wrox Early Adopter XQuery Project


I hope you don't mind another mail on this subject; it will be the last one 
anyway :-)

We are still look for an author, who has experience with any of the Java 
implementations of XQuery, (SoftwareAG's QuiP or Fatdog's XQEngine) to write

one chapter for us.

If you have any experience in this area and might be interested in writing
 chapter, please contact either or


Benjamin Hickman  
Senior Technical Editor 
Early Adopter Group 
Wrox Press Ltd.

> From: Dan Maharry <> To: "''"
> <> Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 00:43:07 +0100 Subject:
> Wrox Early Adopter XQuery Project
> Hi all,
> I'd like to announce that Wrox Press is looking to produce and
> release its first book on the XQuery specification. Based around
> the current set of working drafts for XQuery, it will cover the
> genesis and details of these specs, the various implementations of
> the working drafts that currently exist for various platforms and
> what may lie ahead for XQuery as itmoves toward Recommendation
> status.
> If you'd like to contribute to this project as author or reviewer
> or just like to know more, please send a mail to and
> and we'll send you a copy of the current spec for
> the book and get cracking.
> Look forward to hearing from you.
> Dan
> Dan Maharry Early Adopter Books, Wrox Press Ltd

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