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> I am interested in producing educational materials for the purpose of
> teaching students how to read and accurately understand the meaning of
> W3 Specifications.
> (2) There is some background or context needed to understand the
> specification, which is familiar to Committee Members who worked on the
> specification.
> I am interested in working on item #2 above.  What I would like to do is
> produce traditional educational materials in the form of self test
> materials which ask and answer questions about the specification and
> then explain the principles that were used to interpret the specification.
> I have some other ideas on how to do it, and some questions (best way to
> publish and format materials), but first I would like to get comments
> and suggestions from other readers on this Mailing List.

This sounds like a very interesting project; would you have just a few
examples of the type questions/answers/explanations you're thinking to

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