Educational Materials on Spec Reading

I am interested in producing educational materials for the purpose of
teaching students how to read and accurately understand the meaning of
W3 Specifications.

Departure  from specifications or mis-application of material in
specifications is a quality issue.  It seems to me that there are two
reasons specifications are misunderstood:

(1) There is a genuine need for interpretation and clarification of the
specification by W3.
(2) There is some background or context needed to understand the
specification, which is familiar to Committee Members who worked on the

I am interested in working on item #2 above.  What I would like to do is
produce traditional educational materials in the form of self test
materials which ask and answer questions about the specification and
then explain the principles that were used to interpret the specification.

I am interested in starting out with the " CSS 2.1 Specification".

I have some other ideas on how to do it, and some questions (best way to
publish and format materials), but first I would like to get comments
and suggestions from other readers on this Mailing List.


Sam Mela

Received on Thursday, 21 April 2005 11:34:01 UTC