Re: Testable assertion tagging for W3C specifications

On Fri, 31 May 2002, Carmelo wrote:

>     I been monitoring the conversation regarding tagging of the
> specs for test case generation.  We also need to consider the
> possibility (if not yet suggested) of doing this work as an
> "add-on" to the specs.  This give us the advantage of playing with
> the idea without imposing too many restrictions on the editors or
> specs that are already written.  The knowledge gained from this
> effort can be applied to new specs, and can even make it easier
> modify specifications that are already written.

If my interpretation of your "add-on tagging" is correct, then an
addressing scheme I am arguing for can help: One can use
addresses/citations to identify/extract test assertions or whatever is
needed to auto-generate a test case. The key here is that the
addressing scheme is independent from the spec markup and, hence, does
not require that markup to identify assertions and such. One can use
the scheme with ASCII text specs, if needed.

Using a good addressing scheme you can create (manually or
semi-automatically, depending on the quality of spec markup) a set of
addresses, each corresponding to a test assertion/whatever in the
spec. Then, you can automatically extract cited spec pieces and apply
your test case generation engine to them.


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