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Issue Letters of Conformance

From: David Marston/Cambridge/IBM <david_marston@us.ibm.com>
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 16:54:02 -0400
To: www-qa@w3.org
Message-ID: <OF8525269E.E466D3A3-ON85256BC2.006F8ACB@lotus.com>
Karl Dubost writes:
>Right now, we have A, AA, AAA for the levels for Conformance which
>could lead to confusion with WAI levels of Conformance. I suggest
>we change it for another letter...

Since this is about "conformance", how about C, CC, CCC?
(In spoken form, they could be C, C-squared, C-cubed.)
(Yes, the idea of C, C+, C++ occurred to me!)

Levity aside, I think that use of A has a nice connotation for
those of us who got letter grades in school, and that may be why the
"grades" of WAI are A, AA, AAA instead of C, B, A. If you follow
that reasoning, then WAI has commandeered the one good letter.

More (semi-)levity: don't use X, because some Internet filters will
delete emails and block websites with no warning!

We should at least recognize that a non-letter scheme is possible:
  A = Excellent
 AA = Very Excellent
AAA = Extremely Excellent
Of course, the verbal notation isn't as compact.

I have no hardened opinion, but I currently favor using A, AA, AAA
for both, calling them the WAI-level and the QA-level or something
like that.
.................David Marston
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