Proposed revised "status of this document"


I've drafted a new "Status of this document" for the upcoming SpecGL
publication; it's in the Editors version, and copied below for comments:

   This document is the 28 April 2005 Working Draft of ‚€œQA Framework:
   Specification Guidelines‚€, made available by the QA Working Group of
   the W3C Quality Assurance (QA) Activity for discussion by W3C
   members and other interested parties. For more information about the
   QA Activity, please see the QA Activity statement.

   This Working Draft implements the resolutions of issues raised
   during the Last Call period started in November 2004. Commenters of
   the Last Call Working Draft will be contacted shortly to seek their
   feedback on these resolutions. The QA Working Group has started to
   gather implementation feedback in a draft implementation report.
   Based on this, it intends to request transition to Proposed
   Recommendation status in the upcoming weeks. This document is mainly
   intended to gather feedback from Last Call commenters, but any
   reviewer can send comments on this document to, the
   publicly archived list of the QA Interest Group, although the Working
   Group is likely to reject substantive comments at this stage of

   The change log contains changes since the previous version. A table
   of correspondence maps the Requirements and Good Practices numbers
   between the former and new numbering schemes.

(I have not included here the boilerplate required by pubrules)

Dominique Haza√ęl-Massieux -

Received on Tuesday, 26 April 2005 08:16:10 UTC