Proposed assignments for drafting answers to LC comments


As mentioned during the previous teleconf [1], we need to draft answers
to the Last Call comments we received; among other things, this will
allow us to complete our disposition of comments [2] (esp. the
resolution and originator's reply columns) and request a transition to
our next step, Proposed Recommendation. You'll find at the end of this
message proposed assignments for drafting these answers; feel free to
start your assignment before Monday teleconf, but we'll discuss the
topic Monday in any case; this will be also a good time to try to trade
your assignments if you want so.

Drafting an answer basically means:
* re-reading the email originally sent (linked in the 2nd column of
[2]), and the related bugzilla entry (linked in the 1st column)
* try to summarize in a more formal way what the resolution appearing in
bugzilla says, and esp. with links to the actual implementations in the
SpecGL Editors draft [3], and with a qualification of whether our
resolution is in complete agreement with the commenter, somewhat in
agreement but with a different answer that the one proposed by the
commenter, or simply in disagreement
* send the resulting answer to www-qa-wg for review

The specific goals of these drafts messages are:
* to make sure we have a well-understood resolution for each issue
* to make that each resolution was indeed implemented in the Editors
* to ask our commenters to say whether they agree with our resolution

I suggest we *don't need* to bother with the introductory part of the
messages for the time being (wrt deadline for replying, LC context,
etc.); let's only deal with the technical aspects.

Based on [2], I've tried to assign who should draft answers to the
comments, either based on their history with the issues and commenters,
and simply to get a bit of work to others as well :):
* Karl: Dave Marston's and TAG/1148, 1149, 1144, 1145, 1146, 1147, 1156,
* Dom: DanC's and TAG/1151, 1143, 1150, 1152, 1153, 1154, 1155, 1158
* Tim: WAI CG
* Richard: XML Core/Paul Grosso (#1052), XML Schema (1080, 1081)
* Lofton: Jeremy Carroll, Bjoern's
* Lynne: Ian Hickson
* Patrick: Gary Feldman

(I didn't assign anything to Dimitris since he's working on the
Implementation Report which is already a pretty big piece of work)


Dominique HazaŽl-Massieux -

Received on Wednesday, 13 April 2005 10:11:58 UTC