Re: [SpecGL] D1 Subdividing the spec. (revision)

Le 26 juil. 2004, à 14:45, Lynne Rosenthal a écrit :
>  Good Practice: Subdivide the technology to foster implementation
>  Examples:

I wonder if for your examples a drawing could help to understand 
visually the concepts. If yes, would you like I give a try for a 

>  Levels: There are no examples in W3C where levels are defined 
> explicitly in a single edition of a specification.  CSS and DOM are 
> examples where levels are the result of progressive historical 
> development and technology enrichment and are realized in a series of 
> specifications. 

Yes and it looks like more versionning.

>  Profile/Level combo: SVG Mobile define 3 nested profiles -  Tiny, 
> Basic, Full  - which are really 3 levels, each targeted a specific 
> hardware communities. 

What about WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)? with the three 
levels where you add more requirements at each levels.

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