Re: [SpecGL] C1: define your terms, GP 2

a few grammar suggestions only.

>Good practice: re-use existing terms, and don't redefine them
>What does this mean?
>When a definition for a term already exists (e.g. in a different
>specification) and matches your needs, re-use the term and its
>definitions without changing them, and with a reference to the source.

suggest either:  'and reference the source' or 'and provide a reference to 
the source'

>Why care?
>Re-using existing terms reduce the cost of crafting new definitions, and
>makes it easier for readers already familiar with other specifications
>to get into a new one. Also, conflicting definitions of the same term
>leads to a reduced interoperability.

no comma after definitions.
s/into a new/into the new/
s/of the same/for the same/
s/to a reduced/to reduced/

>- use the W3C Glossary system to check if there are existing definitions
>of the term you want to re-use
>- when quoting a definition from another specification, put a link back
>to the specification

Received on Tuesday, 27 July 2004 19:19:20 UTC