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Re: [SpecGL Draft] A.1 GP In the conformance clause, define how normative language is expressed.

From: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 16:41:53 -0400
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Resumé of the discussion.

Le 05 août 2004, à 15:04, Karl Dubost a écrit :
> Good Practice:
> 	In the conformance clause, define how normative language is expressed.

This Good Practice, that has been written, imposes that:

The normative language is given in the conformance clause. (which means 
that the usual terminology section has to move to the conformance 
clause for any specification which would like to conform.)

* Keeping this good practice means:
	- Removing the terminology section of SpecGL to move it to the 
Conformance Clause
	- In reviews asking to other people to do it as well (though it's a 
good practice, not a principle, so not mandatory)
	- Usually the conformance section is toward the end of the documents, 
which means have the terminology information only at the end, except if 
they do the effort to read the conformance section first.

* Removing the practice means:
	- Rewrite a bit the principles in section C.2
		"""Principle: Use a consistent style for
		conformance requirements and explain
		how to distinguish them"""
	like adding a technique to explain how to do it and how to create a 
Terminology section.
	- Leave the terminology section at the top.
	- Adding a link in our conformance clause saying where the terminology 
is defined.

Another Issue:
	The way we have written the principles don't use the RFC 2119 wording, 
which is fine for me, as long as we define their mandatory nature in 
the conformance clause and we explain what a MUST, SHOULD means in the 
rest of the prose.

	Though after checking it's not really issue... because it seems we are 
not using RFC2119 keywords for setting implementation requirements 

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