Re: [SpecGL Draft] A.1 GP Define the specification conformance model in the conformance clause.

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Le mar 03/08/2004 ŗ 22:21, Karl Dubost a ťcrit :
> Example:
> 	@@Is there a place with a conformance model explained@@

I think the diagram you produced for the Profile/module/level could be
leveraged to explain the conformance models of a few specs, with various
degrees of complexity; e.g.:
- XML 1.0 has 2 classes of products (document and processor), each of
those have 2 conformance degrees (well-formed/valid and
validating/non-validating); we could add xml:base, xml namespaces and
xlink as "modules" for xml even though they haven't really be defined as
- on the other hand, SVG 1.1 has roughly 4 classes of product (markup
fragments with various extents, generators, interpreters and viewers)
Some of these classes of product have various degrees of conformance
(e.g. static / dynamic for interpreters, static/dynamic * high-quality
for viewers); SVG 1.1 also defines modules, which are grouped into
profiles (tiny/mobile/full); having a nice diagram summarizing it would
be both interesting and instructive as to how complex a conformance
model can get once you start playing with DoV.

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