[SpecGL Draft] A.1 GP Define the specification conformance model in the conformance clause.

Good Practice:
	Define the specification conformance model in the conformance clause.

What does it mean?
	The conformance model is the conceptual framework in which conformance 
is defined. It consists of and is defined by addressing at least these 
three topics:

	What may conform and how ("Class of Product", see @@section B.2@@)
	Any special designations or concepts used to distinguish
         separate  conformance categories (e.g., profile, modules,
         see @@section D.1@@)
	Ways that conforming implementations can vary from each
         other (e.g.,  optionality, extensions, etc, see @@sections
         X.# and Y.#@@)

Why should I Care?
	By defining the conformance model, developers will be able to 
articulate the different sections of the technology with regards to 
their implementations. It will be easier for them to focus on the 
relevant parts of the technology and therefore it will be faster to 
develop a good quality implementation.

The conformance model overlaps several other topics in SpecGL, most 
	 	@@CoP, section B.2@@
	 	section D.1
	 	section X.#
	 	section Y.#
	 	advanced topic @@"Dimensions of Variability"@@


	1. List all dimensions of variability
		a. List the different classes of Products.
		b. List, if any, the different profiles, modules and levels.
		c. List the options and extensions.
	2. Draw a diagram showing the relationship between these dimensions of 
	3. Rationalize this drawing by defining your conformance model
	4. Write it down in your specification as clearly as possible.
	5. Bonus: If the diagram helps to understand, add it.

(@@The techniques clearly show that the more there is dimension of 
variability, the more it's difficult to define a conformance model@@)

	@@Is there a place with a conformance model explained@@
	@@What's the conformance model of SpecGL? A volunteer?@@

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