Schedule & Moratorium

QAWG participants --

After the telecon, some of us (qa-chairs types) were discussing the 
schedule more:  postpone *all* parts until 25 May, versus publish QAH 
before moratorium and do Spec + Test on 25 May.

We had decided in telecon that we would postpone publication of *all* parts 
until after moratorium.  I was probably one of the main advocates.  I was 
driven by paranoia that we'll get flamed again for piecemeal publication of 
first-look at new-QAH.

The subsequent discussion has convinced me that we can avoid flames by 
careful positioning and setting of expectations.  Also, Dom pointed 
out:  if there is *some* publication before moratorium, then it can be 
announced at AC Meeting, which would be good for our credibility.

Therefore, some of us think it would be okay (or better) to:

** FPWD of QAH on 7th or 10th May (the latter gives me a couple days after 
** FPWD of SpecLite and TestLite on 25th May.

What do other QAWG participants think?


Received on Monday, 26 April 2004 19:34:14 UTC