Re: Update on SpecGL

At 07:24 AM 4/26/2004 -0400, Lynne Rosenthal wrote:
>I fear that we are diverging from our decision to work on a few things at 
>a time, to concentrate our energies and do a thorough job before moving 
>on.  It seems that we are proceeding as before - trying to do too much at 
>once - that is, working on 3 documents.

We decided on two somewhat contradictory things.  The first is that general 
principle -- work on fewer things at once, develop them better.  The second 
(Tuesday, 2nd March at TP2004):  publish first draft of all parts of 
new-QAF on 22 April.

It is my view that we need to have (very soon) a first draft of all three 
remaining parts of QAF (from the original seven).  Reasons:

** it has been 6 months since we published (except TestGL);
** we need to show what the newer, better, much-publicized QAF looks like;
** we must take account of criticism of uneven level of maturity of 
inter-dependent parts.

Other thoughts?

I'd be particularly interested to see an action plan and for-example 
schedule, for implementing the piece-at-a-time approach.  While it sounds 
good, I'm not sure I know what it would look like in practice.  What bits 
of which of the three major parts would be developed, in what order, to 
what level of maturity, etc.?


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