Update on SpecGL

Work on SpecGL is going slowly.  My plan is to have a first, rough version 
of something soon.  How soon?  My hope is by the end of the week.   Right 
now my problem isn't time, its writers block.

I fear that we are diverging from our decision to work on a few things at a 
time, to concentrate our energies and do a thorough job before moving 
on.  It seems that we are proceeding as before - trying to do too much at 
once - that is, working on 3 documents.  I realize part of the reason for 
this, is so that the authors/editors have time between telcons to do the 
work.  However, I know that it has become a problem for me to review and 
comment on what is going on, on the other documents.  It would be even 
nicer to be able to go beyond comment, but to suggest text and even tools - 
maybe even build something.

So.  My personal plan is to produce something for SpecGL as soon as I 
can.  But first, (today) I will be taking time to thoroughly review and 
comment on QAH.  Since Lofton has produced a draft document, it deserves to 
be read.  Lets do a good job on this.  Lets not only write the document, 
but if there are tools we can also provide, lets provide them as well.


Received on Monday, 26 April 2004 07:27:26 UTC