the prohibited "you"

Okay, I have purged the prohibited "you" from QAH.  Except in SoTD boiler 

So I have a question, for one of our staff contacts who knows about these 
things.  Why is "you" okay in this boiler-plate in the Status section, but 
not okay in the body of the QAH itself?

>You may email comments on this document to, the publicly 
>archived list of the QA Interest Group [QAIG]. Please note that comments 
>that you make will be publicly archived and available, do not send 
>information you would not want to see distributed, such as private data.

Second question, for language experts.  What is the problem with 
translating "you" to other languages?  Okay, in French one would have to 
choose between vous and tu, in German between sie and du, etc.  I would 
chose the more formal:  vous, sie, etc.  So what problem would that present?


Received on Thursday, 22 April 2004 09:59:41 UTC