Two priority-change issues


Any comments on these?

Amongst our LC-queued issues and comments, there is a loose end about some 
priority-change requests.  There is still dissent about these two 
checkpoints' priorities:

KG argues for P2.
LH argues to keep P1.
No one else has commented.

Proposal:  P1

(Should we add a clarifying note?  Like "W3C allows a WG to have several 
participants per Member, and it is up to the WG to determine any further 
restrictions, composition by specialty, etc.")

XML Schema wanted P1 instead of P3.
QAWG tentatively agreed.
KG argued for P2, LH agrees.
No one else has commented.

Proposal:  P2

We have consensus on:

CP3.2 -- leave it at P2 (contra XML Schema, who wanted P1)

CP8.2 -- change from P2 to P1.
CP4.5 -- change from P1 to P2.


Received on Thursday, 15 May 2003 12:03:04 UTC