Closing LC-58 ("don't mandate QAPD")


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it will be marked "Resolved", and not discussed on telecon.

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At 05:17 PM 4/30/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>For email discussion, and for agenda of OpsGL issues telecon...
>LC-58:   a WG should still be able to comply to a CP without having a QA 
>Process Document.    Proposal: replace QA process document references by a 
>documented WG decision?
>Basically agree with Originator, with one proviso.  CP4.3 (priority 1) 
>requires that there be a QAPD, and 13 other checkpoints enumerate the 
>minimal contents for the QAPD (they are varying priorities, 1, 2, 3).  If 
>the bits and pieces are found in 13 fragments of telecon minutes, or 13 
>archived email messages, or some hybrid ... okay.  (Or fewer, if for 
>example the WG is only achieving OpsGL A-conformant, i.e., the P1 checkpoints).
>But references to these "documented WG decisions" should all be collected 
>in one place, i.e., the WG should produce a Table of Contents.  Such a TOC 
>could be the satisfaction of  CP4.3 (and should be).  This is very similar 
>to our approach in SpecGL to ensuring that critical conformance 
>information is easily discoverable in a specification.
>So CP4.3 could say, effectively, "produce a QAPD or the equivalent", and 
>define equivalent.  In fact, we could define a QAPD to be a single 
>standalone document, or a TOC to bits of its OpsGL-required QAPD content, 
>or any hybrid.  A small adjustment to the wording of CP4.3 would be required.
>Proposed Resolution:
>In CP4.3, list single document, TOC to distributed materials, or hybrid as 
>techniques that satisfy QAPD requirement.

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