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>For email discussion, and for the agenda of the next OpsGL telecon...
>The Issue
>Originator:  "QA test suites should also include tests that test the 
>accessibility features of a specification based on the accessibility 
>requirements found in other W3C documents. This may require having a 
>specific person in charge of defining and monitoring the inclusion of 
>accessibility features."
>Originator Proposal: "Include a requirement in the Operation Guidelines 
>for a person to be responsible for accessibility tests of a specification"
>The simple answer would be, "out of scope" for the QA Framework.  But the 
>problem is a little more subtle than that.  First, the suggestion of 
>"should include tests" suggests that the issue really pertains to TestGL, 
>and "accessibility requirements found in QA documents" suggests that 
>SpecGL gets involved.
>The current scope of SpecGL is "...clarity, implementability, and 
>testability of TRs. It describes what goes into a TR with respect to 
>conformance and conformance topics, dealing with how a TR establishes, 
>defines, and presents its conformance policy."
>The scope of TestGL is "...the useability and clarity of the test 
>materials. It covers the analysis and coverage of specifications, the 
>prioritization and management of test cases, test frameworks and result 
>reporting. [...]  The class of product or target this specification is 
>conformance test materials including conformance test suites, validation 
>tools, conformance checklists, and any other materials that are used to 
>check or indicate conformance."
>So ...
>1.) if accessibility requirements are written into a specification as 
>conformance requirements of the specification, there is no problem and no 
>issue -- they are covered by TestGL and SpecGL just like any other 
>conformance requirements.  I believe, also, that accessibility conformance 
>and test issues fall under the responsibility of the Test Moderator 
>(OpsGL), so that the suggested extra person is unnecessary.  Since the 
>accessibility requirements are just a subset of the conformance 
>requirements, then accessibility conformance and tests are automatically a 
>part of the job description of the Test Moderator.
>2.) if the accessibility requirements were, on the other hand, an 
>informative guidelines appendix to a specification, then ... I think that 
>they are beyond the scope of the QA Framework as currently construed.  In 
>this case, the issue is larger than OpsGL (or TestGL or SpecGL).  QAWG 
>issue #12 explored this -- the relationship amongst the QA, WAI, and I18N 
>horizontals.  The conclusion was -- no defined policy, but ad-hoc issue 
>tracking and liaison.  The issue Originator asked (among other things), 
>"does QA try to represent Accessibility and I18N interests?"  The issue 
>closure does not endorse such a relationship.
>To the extent that accessibility requirements are conformance requirements 
>of the specification, then they are adequately covered by the QA Framework 
>guidelines family.  Tests of accessibility requirements are within the 
>domain of the (OpsGL-required) Test Moderator's job, and therefore a 
>special accessibility test coordinator is not needed.

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