SpecGL review of F&O done

I sent Dom my review of the LCWD of XQuery/XPath Functions & Operators.
I hope it can be passed on the WGs (XSL and XQuery) quickly, as their
Last Call deadline is approaching.

The main problem I found with the checkpoints was on the notorious
9.6, about interoperable alternatives to extensions. Since F&O
defines a set of functions, "extensions" would be additional
functions. In general, there is no way to work around functions that
deal with external objects. There is no way to anticipate all the
functions that one could possibly implement. Fortunately, if the extra
functions must be in a different namespace, then they aren't really
extensions to F&O, because F&O doesn't claim to enumerate all the
functions allowed in the host application. The WGs know that the host
applications will add more functions in their own respective
.................David Marston

Received on Tuesday, 24 June 2003 23:35:29 UTC