Draft minutes of 2003-06-18 PM F2F

Wednesday 2003/06/18 PM

Left Over from this morning:
Plans for TestGL:
- new internal draft at end of July
- public draft mid-September
- last call after Fall meeting

Next F2F:
- possible locations: 1st: Boulder (Colorado), 2nd:California (Silicon
Valley or LA) [backup if needed: Boston]
=> AI: NIST people to look for availability in their Boulder Office for
a F2F, deadline July 11
=> AI: Patrick to look for availability in Boulder and California
locations for a F2F, deadline end of July
- dates: around mid-October (for last call planning of TestGL)

Discussion about Karl's re-styling proposal for the GL
General agreement that's the proposal is good.
=> Resolution: Proposal adopted for our GL
Besides "discussion" and "rationale", needed categories: "examples",
"related CP"
=> AI: Karl to create the markup and the style for a complete CP by June
=> AI: Lofton to integrate the new markup/styling by mid July
=> AI: Dom to integrate the new markup/styling by Aug 1st

RFC 2119 keywords styling:
=> AI: Dom to reply to Pat Hayes' email by June 26

TCDL Proposal from David Marston:
This work is something considered as part of what the WG should work on,
and the QA WG would welcome it as a submission.
=> AI: Lofton to reply to David that the QA WG is interested in this
area and will have reviews on the proposed TOC, by next week (June 25)
=> AI: Patrick to find a reviewer at Sun on the TCDL Proposal by end of
=> AI: Dimitris to review the TCDL Proposal by end of June

DOM Level 3 Core review:
=> AI: Dimitris to make a review of the draft with last SpecGL by July

AI processing:
Resolved: the Chairs should check before each telecon which action items
are overdue so that the AI list doesn't fill up indefinitevely

TTF Charter:
Discussion on the prioritarization of the possible deliverables, based
on easyness vs usefulness.
PC prioritarization: 3, 2, Assertion management tool
MS: 3, 9
LR: 2 as a generic idea of helping implementing the QA Framework, 3, 9
DimD: 3, 9, 2
KD: 3, 8, 5
OT: 8+1, 2
DH: 3, 9, 2
LH: 9, 3, 1 
(Note regarding Test assertion spec markup: 2 different projects:
authoring spec with marking up of test assertions vs identifying test
assertions in an existing spec with specific metadata (annotating).

Meeting adjourned
Dominique HazaŽl-Massieux - http://www.w3.org/People/Dom/

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