Fwd: Results of Teleconference (Was: TM licence matter)


This may be on the f2f agenda next week.

Yesterday we had a telecon to work towards resolution of the TM licensing 

>The results of the teleconference are at the (W3C Member Confidential)
>   http://www.w3.org/2003/06/11-test-copyright.html

Please note that the document is Member Confidential, for now at least.

Here is a meeting summary from Joseph:

>  Summary
>     The group resolved that we continue to pursue the Document
>     and Software licenses as the mechanisms for governing test
>     suites. Joseph/Karin will investigate improvements to the
>     existing licenses with respect to their titles, certain
>     terms (e.g., "portions thereof"), and the distinction
>     between compilations and derivations; Joseph will report
>     back to the QA WG with a status update by end of June. The
>     QA WG will continue to investigate mechanisms for addressing
>     errors and for further defining the types of
>     "meta-data/software" and which licenses should be associated
>     with them. The copyright aspects of those processes will be
>     addressed in a Copyright FAQ with links to the QA documents.


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