Fwd: "Anna Doxastaki": Dinner

Crete participants --

FORTH has kindly invited us for an evening out, Monday evening...

>From: "Anna Doxastaki" <adoxast@ics.forth.gr>
>To: <danield@w3.org>
>Cc: <markatos@ics.forth.gr>, <adoxast@ics.forth.gr>
>Subject: Dinner
>Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 14:42:05 +0300
>Dear Dr Dardailler,
>I send this e-mail in order to invite you along with the rest of the
>participants of the QA meeting in Heraklion, to a dinner, that will
>take place on Monday the 16th of June. Could you please inform
>the rest of the participants about it?
>The dinner is at 20:30 and we will arrange for your transportation to the
>restaurant, from your hotel. We will come to pick you up at 20:00.
>Anna Doxastaki
>W3C Office in Greece

Received on Tuesday, 10 June 2003 16:38:39 UTC