need to clarify LC-26 & LC-28 -- correction

[Oops, there was a typo in last pgph -- LC-28 would become void, not LC-27...]


If we look at LC-28, it starts off describing the same issue as LC-26 -- 
"use UAAG10 concept of normative exclusion".

Then, it suddenly switches to "use stylesheets to hide links in printed 
versions".  I suspect a glitch in factoring and form-entry of the IJ 
comments (which were all in a single message).

It seems to me that LC-28 first part (norm-excl) should be merged into 
LC-26.  LC-28 2nd part could be merged into LC-27 (at which point LC-28 
becomes void -- merged into other issues).

Comments anyone?


Received on Tuesday, 3 June 2003 19:10:19 UTC