CP6.5 and promoting testing

Some concern was expressed in telecon that the merger of the "promote 
conformance testing" bits from TestGL (CP6.1) into OpsGL CP6.5 might lose 
some of the sense of the original checkpoint.

Here is the draft solution, for comments, suggestions, approval (default), 



[in OpsGL]
Checkpoint 6.5. Promote testing and the publication of test results for 
products. [Priority 2]

Conformance requirements: in its QA Process Document the Working Group

     * MUST document a plan to engage implementors to participate in 
conformance testing activities;
     * MUST document a plan to encourage the publication of test results, 
including sample scenarios of where and how such publication can be done;
     * MAY identify a WG-sponsored Web site for publishing collected 
results or a directory of results.

Rationale. Conformance testing events and publishing test results for 
implementations promotes interoperability and is helpful to users and 
vendors alike..

Discussion. Taking responsibility to publish test results for vendors' 
products could be a problem for the Working Group. One way to address the 
problem is for the Working Group to encourage vendors themselves to publish 
their test results. Such publication should include or describe a test 
harness that allows reproduction of the results. The Working Group may want 
to provide the web space to publish collected results.
=== end ===

Received on Tuesday, 29 July 2003 18:36:09 UTC