closing LC-110

On Monday, I want to move the few remaining OpsGL Resolved issues to Closed.

LC-110:  Misc improvements requested by team

Solutions are now drafted to all parts that required changes.  Please have 
a look at the issue itself (all 7 parts), from which all of the draft text 
changes are linked.

On Monday, I particularly want to visit and talk about LC-110.7.  The 
Introduction has been pretty much completely rewritten, ,
to implement the issue resolution.

Does this achieve the aims of the commenter?

I would like specific suggestions for further improvement.  For example, 
has it gone too far in use of emphasis (bold) to call out key concepts?  If 
so, then where would you suggest changes and how?   Other suggestions about 
the Introduction?

(Note.  I'll deal with the new "Chronological view" and "Use cases" 
subsections in separate messages.)


p.s.  LC-110 is up-to-date in the referenced LC-issues list, but some 
recent telecon transitions to "Closed" have not yet been incorporated.

p.p.s.  Don't worry about the bad effects of the justified text in OpsGL -- 
the stylesheet is being changed.

Received on Wednesday, 23 July 2003 20:05:12 UTC