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Draft minutes for 12/1/2003 Teleconference

From: Vanitha Venkatraman <Vanitha.Venkatraman@sun.com>
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2003 13:00:28 -0800
To: www-qa-wg@w3.org
Message-id: <3FCBABEC.2090204@sun.com>

QA Working Group Teleconference
Monday, December-1-2003

(VV) Vanitha Venkatraman (Sun Microsystems)

(KD) Karl Dubost (W3C, WG co-chair)
(DH) Dominique HazaŽl-Massieux (W3C)
(LH) Lofton Henderson (CGMO - WG co-chair)
(LR) Lynne Rosenthal (NIST - IG co-chair)
(AT) Andrew Thackrah (Open Group)
(DM) David Marston (IBM)
(PC) Patrick Curran (Sun Microsystems)
(MS) Mark Skall (NIST)
(VV) Vanitha Venkatraman (Sun Microsystems)

(dd) Dimitris Dimitriadis (Ontologicon)
(SM) Sandra Martinez (NIST)

(KG) Kirill Gavrylyuk (Microsoft)


1.) roll call 11am EDT, membership

2.) Any routine business.
Topic#1: Renew the QAWG Activity Program (deadline this Friday 12/5/03)

KD: Please respond to the email on QAWG activity program. Need as many people to actively participate.
MS: Volunteered to check on contact at Oracle for participation
PC: Volunteered to check with Sun resource for participation of other reps in the QAWG
KD: What about other big comapnies that may be interested
DM,LH,Dom: Threw a few more names that might be candidates.
LH: Vounteered to review the list of folks who attended the NIST workshop
LH: Are the certification Workshop proceedings available
KD: Will ask the organizer the status on the membership ?
LH: For ideas on recruiting, it will good to look at groups that have test plans and  testing processes
** KD: Please send any ideas to me on how to increase participation in QAWG

Topic#2: List of QA Standard Bodies (Activities)
Dom: Talks about the recently emailed list of QA activities in other standard bodies
Andrew: Talks about the Test Engine that uses browser based XML testing on mobile phones. Recommends looking at 'Open Mobile Alliance' for more info. The W3C can share the test engine. Please read info from website for details. Will talk about the test engine later.

Topic#3: Status of Example and Techiques Document
KD: Do we know the status of the example and techniques document... ? I have not finished mine
LH: How do we promote these documents ?
KD: Do you think the development of tools (next QAWG phase) will have an impact on this document ?
LH: Needs to review what is available currently before answering above question.
My main deliverable will be a survey of the templates and tools that will be useful. Other work that would be more related to TestGL than to OpsGL and SpecGL

3.) TestGL new draft and issues [PC]
Patrick has sent email to the WG chairs regarding the TestGL.
Did not present today.
Dimitris Dimitriadis will help with the TestGL document.

4) Adjourn

Vanitha Venkatraman
Sun Microsystems Inc.
Java Conformance Testing and Tools Group
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Email: vanitha.venkatraman@sun.com
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