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Re: for Wednesday agenda

From: Lofton Henderson <lofton@rockynet.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 08:15:19 -0600
Message-Id: <>
To: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Cc: www-qa-wg@w3.org

At 07:16 PM 9/16/02 -0400, Karl Dubost wrote:
>Hi Lofton,
>thanks for the Agenda and the schedule of Publication,
>At 9:07 -0600 2002-09-16, Lofton Henderson wrote:
>>3.) OpsET & SpecET -- uncertain, possibly slip a little and publish after 
>>the GL parts.
>>"Techniques will raise a number of additional issues: must (can) the 
>>enumeration be exhaustive? how precise (i.e., verifiable) can these be in 
>>diverse operational, specification, and test environments?"
>>Lurking here also is the question (issue):  What role, if any, do the 
>>techniques in the ET parts play in the determination of conformance to 
>>the specific requirements of the GL parts?
>Do you want a new version of the SpecGL Examples and Techniques before 
>Tokyo F2F? I can work on that. And I think it could clarify some bits :)

That would be useful.  We don't yet have a public version, not even at the 
WG-only level of exposure (i.e., nothing linked from 

>I have maybe things to add the agenda of Wednesday.
>- Language and Clarity in our QA Specifications. I will explain wednesday 
>what I mean, and what we can do about it. A few bits now:
>         I have asked for a review to someone inside W3C Team of the Spec 
> Guideline who will be a virgin reader (only a few knowledge of W3C WG 
> life), I asked for a harsh review.

I'll add this to the Wednesday agenda.

>- Publication calendar was one of my request to have a table on the QA 
>Website with the planned dates of publication.

We can make an AI to add this to the web site (after we discuss and agree 
the dates).

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