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Fwd: Technical Plenary Logistics -- please reply by 30 September

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Another topic for Wednesday...

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>Subject: Technical Plenary Logistics -- please reply by 30 September
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>Hello Chairs:
>As we mentioned in July, 
>http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/chairs/2002JulSep/0011.html, the 
>W3C  has confirmed dates for our next five-day All Group meeting and 
>Technical Plenary. http://www.w3.org/Member/Eventscal
>Confirmed Dates and Venue:
>3-7 March 2003 (Monday -Friday)
>Cambridge, MA, USA
>Royal Sonesta Hotel
>At this time, we would like to start gathering information as to which 
>groups will attend (see the list of questions below). Please coordinate 
>with your WG/IG staff contact and W3C Domain leaders as needed, and send 
>your reply by Monday 30 September 2002.
>The All Group Meeting and Technical Plenary  is a unique opportunity for 
>W3C Groups to gather, hold their face to face meetings, and liaise with 
>other groups. It also gives the participants the opportunity to engage in 
>discussions which concern shared principles, shared architecture, etc.
>In order to properly organize these twenty or so face-to-face meetings and 
>to implement the registration form, we request your input  as soon as 
>possible.  If your group intends to meet and participate in this event, 
>please send your reply to the below questions no later than Monday 30 
>September 2002.  Send your reply to: tpregister@w3.org.
>1. Will your group meet at the Technical Plenary?
>2. Your two-day preference:
>      Monday 3 - Tuesday 4 March 2003, or  Thursday 6 - Friday 7 March 2003
>3. Is your group flexible about  meeting days?
>      (If you prefer Mon/Tues would Thurs/Fri be acceptable?)
>4. The number of people in your group that will attend your f2f meeting:
>5. The number of people in your group that will attend the Plenary on 
>Wednesday 5 March 2003:
>6. With which other W3C groups, specifically, would your group like to meet?
>7. Are there other groups with significant membership overlap with yours 
>which should NOT be scheduled on the same days?*
>8. Will you allow external observers at your f2f meeting ?
>*NOTE: We will do our best to avoid overlap, but we cannot guarantee it.
>All groups meeting that week are expected to attend the Wednesday plenary. 
>It is our hope that all groups will meet with other W3C working and/or 
>interest groups throughout the week.
>Please note that seating will be set up in U-shape for group members, with 
>chairs around the edge of the room for observers, if observers are 
>permitted. We will not be able to confirm room plans until we have 
>received input from 20 groups.  Details regarding connectivity and audio 
>visual will be sent at a later date.
>We're working on the meeting page for registration/hotel form/etc. which 
>should be available in the coming weeks.
>Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  Thank you very much.
>2001 Technical Plenary and All Group 
>Meeting:   http://www.w3.org/2001/02/allgroupoverview.html
>2002 Technical Plenary and All Group Meeting: 
>Amy van der Hiel
>W3C/MIT 200 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA 02139 USA
>telephone: +1.617.253.5628  fax: +1.617.258.5999
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