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Fmwk: P&O rewrite Chapter 3

From: Lynne Rosenthal <lynne.rosenthal@nist.gov>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 13:04:17 -0500
Message-Id: <>
To: www-qa-wg@w3.org
As a result of the telcon 25 Jan., I was tasked with reviewing and 
rewriting Chapter 3 WG relationship to QA Activity.

Although I tried to keep the essence of what was there, I rearranged and 
reworded it.  I have excluded much of the process oriented information and 
recommend that this information be put in a separate document that I 
called, "Request of Assistance Process".  Just as other WGs should have a 
TS-Process document (guideline 6), I suggest we have a Process 
document.  This document would describe the process for formal 
consultation, active reviews, establishing teams of reviewers, etc. 
Additionally, it is important that we discuss what our process actually is 
- the Framework:P&O editors provided a starting place for discussion and I 
think the WG should discuss and decided how it will actually provide 
assistance.  So.  I suggest the following Issues.....
1.  Should we have a Process Document
2.  What is our process for handling requests from the WGs, how does 
someone formally request assistance, who is the point-person responsible to 
ensure that requests are processed, is there a task team appointed ad-hoc 
for each request, what is the timeframe for answering, etc.

Below is my suggested Rewrite........


3. WG relationship to QA Activity

The QA Activity works closely with other W3C WGs providing assistance and 
expertise in helping them achieve their QA goals and deliverables.  The QA 
Activity anticipates different relationships with the various WGs depending 
on the QA-specific needs of the Working Group.  For example, the resources 
and experience of Working Group members as well as their stage in the 
Recommendation track may influence the type and level of collaboration 
between the WG and QA Activity.  Potential relationships between Working 
Groups and the QA Activity include:
       Liaison and consultation
       Active reviews
       Adjudicate entry and exit criteria
       QA resources supplement
       Resolution of external QA requests.

The QA Activity strives to make their expertise available to the Working 
Groups, responding to requests and providing assistance on an as-needed 
basis.  The degree of assistance and participation of the QA Activity 
members may be determined on a case-by-case basis, but a consultancy role 
should almost always be possible.  Key determinants of the WG/QA Activity 
relationship will include level of available QA Activity resources and the 
evolution of W3C policy on QA requirements.

3.1 Liaison and Consultation
In an assistive role, the QA Activity provides consultation to all Working 
Groups with respect to planning, building, and/or acquiring test materials. 
Consultation may be provided informally in response to questions sent to 
the QA Activities IG mail exploder, www-qa@w3.org or formally following the 
QA Activity’s Request for Assistance Process.   In addition to describing 
how WGs can submit requests to the QA Activity, it describes the process 
within the QA Activity for handling these requests including review 
procedures and criteria. The Request for Assistance Process was created to 
ensure a fair and impartial, quick and accurate response to requests.

WGs may submit requests for assistance to the QA Activity Working Group for 
the following.
       Request for clarification on documents published by QA Activity,
       Request for review of WG quality assurance strategy and plans
       Request for review of WG charter
       Requests for review of WG specification
       Requests for review of WG QA Process document
       Requests for consultation on specific QA techniques/test suite 
       Requests for help on coordination of joint QA activities or 
collaboration with external (to W3C) organizations

Upon receiving one of these requests, a QA Working Group task team will 
review the request, appoint reviewers/consultants, inform the WG of the 
request’s status, establish a liaison with the WG, and working in concert 
with the WG, respond to the request.

Other requests will be considered by the QA Activity Working Group on a 
case-by-case basis in accordance with the Request for Assistance Process. 
Decisions will be based on the nature of the request, (e.g., within the 
scope of the QA Activity domain).  The WG will be informed of the QA 
Activity’s decision and provided an opportunity to appeal the decision.

3.2 Active Reviews
At the request of a WG or in response to a general call for participation 
(e.g., public working draft or email to W3C Chair to review something) or 
due to a W3C Process requirement, the QA Activity Working Group may provide 
detailed review and assessment of a WG’s deliverable.  If such a detailed 
review is conducted, it will be conducted with the knowledge of the WG and 
in concert with the WG.   If appropriate, a QA Activity member will 
participate in the WG meetings.

The QA Activity Working Group will follow the procedures set forth in its 
Request for Assistance Process for establishing a review team, performing 
the review, and communicating with the WG.  The QA Framework Guidelines 
will be used in the assessment of the WG deliverable, verifying that 
appropriate Framework checkpoints are met.  Additionally, any relevant WG 
documents (e.g., Charter, QA Process) will also be used.

3.3 Adjudicate entry and exit criteria
WGs may wish to define QA-specific entry and exit criteria for milestones 
on the Recommendation track.  The QA Activity Working Group can help to 
identify these criteria.

3.4 QA resource supplement
At the request of a WG, the QA Activity WG may be able to provide resources 
for the planning and building of test materials.

3.5 Resolution of external QA requests
QA-related requests received from organizations or individuals external to 
the W3C, will be categorized as to the nature of the request and handled 
accordingly.  QA-related questions of general interest will be posted and 
discussed on the QA-IG mail exploder.  QA-related questions on a specific 
W3C technology will be shared with the appropriate WGs and/or Horizontal 
Teams and a coordinated dialogue and response will be pursued.  Similarly, 
test material inquiries and offers to donate test materials will be 
coordinated with the appropriate WGs, Horizontal Teams, and W3C Management 
Team.  Details of how these requests are handled within the QA Activity are 
described in the Request for Assistance Process.
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