Re: New Definitons for Glossary

At 10:13 AM 4/17/02 -0400, Sandra Martinez wrote:
>The following are examples of test assertions developed for the XML Test 
>Suite. I basically developed these semantic requirements guided by the 
>statement that ...

The following words are the kind of stuff that I think would be helpful to 
add to the definition.  More is better, if it adds to the understanding and 

>a semantic requirement should be a simple statement that capture an 
>expected normative behavior, as defined by the specification, that also 
>facilitates the generation of  specific testcases and proper mapping back 
>to the assertion and the specification.

As I have said before, it might be helpful to include examples in the 
definition.  One or more of the following, a couple examples from other 
Recs, whatever...

>                 A document consisting of prolog followed by element then 
> miscelaneous items is
>                 a well-formed document.
>                  A well formed document must have one or more elements.
>                 A processing instruction with only a processing 
> instruction target name
>                 is a valid processing instruction.
>                 The character data in the CDATA section is not markup data.


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