Thurs QAWG Telcon (different time!)

QAWG participants --

[At least one person didn't get this, hence I'm resending it.]

[Please send regrets if you can't attend.]

Note different time for this Thursday extra telcon:

Day:  Thursday
Date:  11 April
One time or recurring conference: one time
Time: (from when ?? to when ??) 10-11:30am Eastern (daylight)
Zakim bridge:  617-761-6200
Passcode:  7294 ("QAWG")

(10am Eastern is normative; 7am Pacific; 8pm Central Europe; 11pm Japan).

The agenda is per message from few days ago:

1.) Roll call
2.) Specification Guidelines working draft [1]
3.) Adjourn

>The topic will be the new draft of "QA Framework: Specification 
>Guidelines" [1].  Please have a look:
>-- is anything missing (i.e., any more checkpoints needed?)
>-- should any of the checkpoints be removed?
>-- wording and description of Guidelines/Checkpoints?
>-- priorities of checkpoints?
>We will handle specific issues from WG members first, then we will 
>commence a comprehensive pass (similar to Issue#55 for Ops Guidelines).



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