Re: telcon times after Daylight starts

For my part, any of the two proposed changes is fine, as it makes it 
earlier in the afternoon than 8 or 9 pm (depending on which part of 
Europe one's in).


On Saturday, March 30, 2002, at 11:56 , Lofton Henderson wrote:

> QA Working Group --
> After Daylight time starts in U.S. (7th April), our telcon time for 
> Japan goes from bad (4am) to worse (3am).  I'd like your feedback on 
> the following possible new telcon time:
> 1400Z, 700PT,1000ET, 2300Tokyo
> I would think this would be better for European participants -- 
> early-mid afternoon.  The only ones that might have problems would be 
> Pacific -- 7am.  In any case, I'd like to know if this schedule would 
> force *anyone*, PT or otherwise, to have to miss the regular telcons.
> Please reply to the list.
> Note.  Thursday 4th April will be at current usual time.  Any change 
> would apply 18th April or after.
> Thanks,
> -Lofton.

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