RE: Thursday (4/4) telcon agenda

I'll be late ~30min, so will probably miss the #2 part. 
But I'd like to strongly object from the 7am PT option . Any other
daytime between 8am PT and 8pm PT is ok with me. Thanks

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Subject: Thursday (4/4) telcon agenda

QAWG participants --

Please reply with "regrets", if you know that you can't make the 4/4

In case there is confusion about recent time-change discussions [1],
telcon is at the usual time:  14:00ET.  (Which is still EST, until it 
becomes EDT on Sunday 4/7.)

European participants note:  you changed to Daylight time this past 
weekend, as I understand.  So this week (only) will be 1 hour later for

Proposed telcon agenda:

1.) Roll call
2.) Housekeeping matters
         - Any WG web site/logistical topics
         - Telcon time adjustment? [1]
         - Next f2f
3.) Framework document schedule
         - pending WG-only posting (4 parts)
         - next /TR/ publication (4 parts)
4.) Issues List [2] processing (priority list to follow soon)
5.) Next telcon (Spec Guidelines special/extra?)
6.) Adjourn

Please request addition(s) if this overlooks something that you think we

should discuss.

About #2, telcon time, 3 options are being considered:
         -- current (no change)
         -- 1400Z, 700PT,1000ET, 2300Tokyo
         -- 1-2 hours later than current (?)

For reference, all of the current WG-only Framework drafts can be found 
linked from [3].


>Day(s):  Thursday
>Date(s):  4th April 2002
>Time: 2-3:30 EST
>Number of Participants:  15
>NAME of Teleconference:  QAWG

Zakim bridge:  +1-617-761-6200
Conference code : 7294 ("QAWG")



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