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[www-push] ALI DOUSTI Ramin (Monday, 29 September)

Profile of ISO 8601 Date and Time Formats now available on W3C Web site Misha Wolf (Friday, 26 September)

Comparison of DIFF algorithms Jim Whitehead (Tuesday, 23 September)

Mapping versions to URLs Jim Whitehead (Tuesday, 23 September)

[www-push] <none> zaitsu@soa.ased.mt.nec.co.jp (Friday, 19 September)

[www-push] <none> Jennifer Bulmer (Thursday, 18 September)

[Fwd: I-D ACTION:draft-rfced-exp-rupp-03.txt] Larry Masinter (Wednesday, 17 September)

RE: Collections Jim Whitehead (Tuesday, 16 September)

HTTP/1.1 suggestions? Arthur van Hoff (Tuesday, 16 September)

Re: Collections Arthur van Hoff (Tuesday, 16 September)

web-dav collections Arthur van Hoff (Tuesday, 16 September)

[Fwd: Collections] Arthur van Hoff (Tuesday, 16 September)

FWD: FYI: Distribution and Replication Protocol Arthur van Hoff (Monday, 15 September)

Doug DeFrees/Almaden/IBM is out of the office. d29cn02 (Sunday, 14 September)

Mark Handley's slides ... Philipp Hoschka (Sunday, 14 September)

[Fwd: Software Distribution] Larry Masinter (Thursday, 11 September)

DRP working groups Arthur van Hoff (Thursday, 11 September)

my slides Tie Liao (Thursday, 11 September)

[Fwd: I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-mhtml-rel-v2-00.txt] Larry Masinter (Thursday, 11 September)

DRP slides Arthur van Hoff (Wednesday, 10 September)

slides from the CDF presentation Hadi Partovi (Wednesday, 10 September)

[www-push] <none> Philipp Hoschka (Friday, 5 September)

IMPORTANT: W3C Push Workshop: Monday Dinner Susan Hardy (Thursday, 4 September)

Speaker slides Philipp Hoschka (Friday, 29 August)

New abstract: Webcanal: Multicast Based Push Philipp Hoschka (Tuesday, 26 August)

purpose of this mailing list Philipp Hoschka (Tuesday, 26 August)

New W3C Notes on Push Protocol by Marimba et. al. Philipp Hoschka (Tuesday, 26 August)

Welcome to www-push [Please ignore] William Ang (Friday, 25 July)

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