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Daring raid by Peru military frees
hostages. 14 Rebels, 1 hostage die.
Some may have been warned.
Russia welcomes President of China
on red carpet.
Fire started by cigarette destroys
tobacco CEO's home.
Whitewater grand jury extended
for 6 months.
ALBANIA: Schools opening delayed
due to safety issues.
ZAIRE: Rebels and villagers loot
UN food depots. Refugees and
aid workers attacked.
Dell Computer settles suits in several
states re false advertizing and
used parts.
Some analysts worry about criminals
finding way to counterfeit 'smart'
cash cards.
PC MTV? New enhanced compact disk (ECD)
sends music through the audio drive
of a CD player, while text and
graphics can be seen on tv screen.
Find cigarette smokers as likely
to gain weight as lose.
Find Earth 10% greener since 1980.
Link to global warming suggested.
Dow up whopping 2.6% in one day.
2nd-largest gain ever. Wider
AMEX down 1.1%, however.
World markets year-to-date:
Belgium up 15%  Malaysia down 10%
Brazil up 28%   Mexico up 12%
Denmark up 12%  Netherlands up 14%
Finland up 13%  Philippines down 12%
Germany up 16%  Switzerland up 19%
NASA says Mir Space Station back
to normal.
Hale-Bopp: Those with telescopes
can see new plumes in tail.
Cologne: partly cloudy, 33- 51
Hamburg: partly cloudy, 31 - 49
Frankfurt: partly cloudy, 29 - 49
"Maybe the butler did it."
Senator Faircloth of Whitewater
documents found in White House.
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