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Russia & China declare new partner-
ship to "...oppose US claim of
world leadership."
Dalai Lama and Clinton meet. China
warns of strained relations.
Peru hostage rescue included
Missing US warplane wreckage found.
ALBANIA: UN troops refuse to meet
with rebel leaders.
BRITAIN: PM Major has moved up
from 28 to 5 points behind in run
up to elections.
ZAIRE: Rebels deny claims they
have killed Rwandan refugees.
More than half of the ads in Good
Housekeeping Magazine include
website addresses.
Nielsen: 23% in US & Canada
use the Internet.
Netscape reports revenues of $120
million last quarter.
All-female US tv-news show wins Gracie
Award for piece on disguised-as-man
ancient Egyptian pharaoh.
Top cd's this week: Notorious B.I.G.,
Spice Girls, & movie soundtrack
of Space Jam.
Movie tickets in New York now at $9.
Birth control pills may have
unexpected side-effect of
controlling some types of asthma.
Clinton popularity down to 54%
from 62% in Jan.
Dow down 0.3%  NASDAQ up 1.2%
World markets year-to-date:
Belgium up 15%  Malaysia down 10%
Brazil up 28%   Mexico up 12%
Denmark up 12%  Netherlands up 14%
Finland up 13%  Philippines down 12%
Germany up 16%  Switzerland up 19%
US: Dow down 4%  NASDAQ down 12%.
Lakes within ice sheet observed on
Jupiter moon Europa. Seen as sign
of possible deep-sea life.
Beijing: sunny, 11-19C
Moscow: cloudy, 2-7C
Washington: rain, 49-51F
"Justice is neither mercy nor
vengeance." (Poor Lion)
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