Harvest Cached


As was suguested by a few people on this list, I'm using the Harvest
cache daemon as a caching proxy. It works fine but I've noticed some-
thing strange in the access log. Normally when a cache miss occurs this
is logged as 'TCP_MISS 0' and the following entry has 'TCP_DONE <size>'.
When some servers are accessed I just get the 'TCP_MISS 0' entry and
no 'TCP_DONE' entry. The URL is nevertheless loaded and any following
attempts to load the URL are loaded from the cache, but strangly enough
the log file entry is 'TCP_HIT 0'.

BTW, I have only ever seen this effect with Microsoft servers;-)

Does anyone have any ideas? Could I have configured something incorrectly?



Received on Tuesday, 28 May 1996 05:49:45 UTC