WebNet-96 Final CFP (San Francisco)

                Final Call for Presentations: 
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                         > Short Papers
                         > Poster/Demonstrations

               **  Submission Deadline July 8, 1996  **

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   *                     W e b  N e t - 9 6                      *
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   *            WORLD CONFERENCE OF THE WEB SOCIETY              *
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   *          Oct. 16-19, 1996 * San Francisco, CA USA           *
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   *                FINAL CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS                 *
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   *              Submission Deadline: July 8, 1996              *
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   *                   Web Society and AACE--                    *
   *  Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education  *


WebNet-96 -- the first World Conference of the Web Society is an 
international conference, organized by the Association for the
Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). This annual conference
serves as a multi-disciplinary forum for the dissemination of information
on the research, development, and applications on all topics related to
the use, applications and societal and legal aspects of the Web in
its broadest sense, i.e. encompassing all modern tools to peruse the

This conference is a must for all who plan to use the Internet for 
informational, communicational or transactional applications
or, who are currently running or planning to run servers on the Internet.

We invite you to attend the WebNet-96 conference and submit proposals for
Business/Corporate sessions, Short Papers, and Posters/Demonstrations.
All proposals are reviewed for inclusion in the conference program.
This final call is offered for participants who were unable to meet the 
first deadline for submissions or were not prepared to present a finished 
paper or project.

                        PROGRAM ACTIVITIES

   * Keynote Speakers    * Invited Speakers  * Short Papers 
   * Papers              * Panels            * Posters/Demonstrations 
   * Exhibits            * Workshops         * Tutorials
   * SIG Discussions     * Exhibition        * Business/Corporate Sessions 
Major Topics
  Novel Applications of the Web
  Collaboration Using the Web
  The Web as Teaching Tool
  Electronic Publishing and the Web
  The Web as Marketing Tool
  Offering Services on the Web
  New Server Technologies for the Web
  New Navigational Tools for the Web
  Integration of Web Applications and Services
  Country Specific Developments
  The Web and Distance Education
  Net-based Multimedia/Hypermedia Systems
  Computer-Human Interface (CHI) Issues
  New Graphic Interfaces for the Web
  The Web and 3D 
  Virtual Reality on the Web
  Intelligent Agents on the Web
  Directory Services on the Web
  Network Software for Large Data Bases
  Security and Privacy on the Web
  Charging Mechanisms for the Web
  Legal and Societal Aspects of the Web
  Courseware Development for the Web
  Building Knowledge Bases on the Web
  Care and Feeding of Web Servers
  Educational Multimedia on the Web
  Browsers, Searchers and Other Tools
  Feedback Mechanisms on the Web

Information for Presenters
Details of presentation formats are given on the following pages.
The general principles applying to all are:
o  All communication will be with the principal presenter who is
   responsible for communicating with co-presenters of that session.
o  The conference will attempt to secure all equipment needed for
   presenters. However, where special equipment is needed, presenters may
   need to provide their own.
o  All presenters must pay the registration fee. Early registration fee
   will be approximately $350 (US) with a $30 (US) reduction for Web
   Society members.

                      Submission Information
Presentation Types

Business/Corporate Sessions (30 minutes)
These sessions offer opportunities to present issues, developments,
and applications on training, marketing, publishing, product direction, 
and other business/corporate aspects of the Internet.  A basic set of 
equipment will be provided.  Please indicate needs.

Short Papers (15 minutes)
Short Papers present reports of research, development, and applications and 
societal issues related to all aspects of the Internet.  A basic set of 
equipment will be provided.  Please indicate needs.

Posters/Demonstrations (2 hours)
Poster/Demonstration sessions enable researchers and non-commercial
developers to demonstrate and discuss their latest results and development
in progress in order to gain feedback and to establish contact with similar
projects.  These sessions do not involve a formal presentation.

Poster/Demonstration presenters will be required to arrange for their own
systems software and hardware.  Rental information can be provided.
A table, chairs, poster board, and electricity will be furnished by the

Submission Procedure
To be considered for a WebNet 96 presentation, submit a 1-3 page abstract 
or description of your presentation via e-mail, fax, or regular mail
(see below).  Electronic proposals in the form of URL addresses or 
ASCII files (uncoded) are preferred.  Submissions with figures should
be sent as either URL addresses or printed pages.

                SUBMISSIONS DUE: ** July 8, 1996 **

Your proposal will be reviewed and, if accepted, you will be scheduled for
either Business/Corporate session, Short Paper presentation, or
Poster/Demonstration (please indicate preference) which will 
be included in the WebNet 96 Final Program.  This later deadline does not 
allow for papers to appear in the conference proceedings; presenters may 
wish to provide copies for their audience.

All submissions should include:
 >  1-3 page description of planned presentation.
 >  Cover page must include:
    - title of presentation
    - presentation type: business/corporate, short paper, or poster/demo
    - name, affiliation, address, phone nos., and e-mail for each author
    - name of designated contact presenter
    - topic area selected from the topics above
    - if business/corporate or short paper, AV equipment requested

Conference Background
WebNet is the annual conference of the WebSociety that was founded in 1995
out of a concern that an organization addressing the application aspects of
the Web and representing a lobby for Web users independent of specific 
platforms and without the domination of commercial organizations was needed.
The WebSociety complements existing other bodies such as the Internet
Society and W3C. The former is, by definition, more concerned with 
providing global Internet services than anything else and the latter is
specifically oriented towards one particular system WWW. The Web Society
and hence WebNet takes a more general view, dealing with a variety of
modern Internet tools and their integration including services such as
Gopher, WWW, Hyper-G, WAIS, directory services, FTP, email and cooperative
applications and novel approaches from Hot Java to VRML, from Web compatible
teaching modules to 3D interfaces.  

For more details on the Web Society, see  http://info.WebSoc.org

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