Caching Question

I am experiencing an unusual phenomena with a cache server running 3.0pre6.
When I obtain an html document using the cern server as a cache, the document 
will not cache if:

- the document came from an NCSA 1.3A or above server
- the modification date of the document is older than the CacheUnused 

Note the cache server is running Solaris 2.x.

I was under the impression that a document should be cached and then 
nuked after the CacheUnused time, NOT if a document is older than
CacheUnused it would never be cached.

Can someone enlighten me on the nature of CacheUnused, CacheClean,
and other cache controlling variables that would allow me to cache files
for a week or two regardless of when they were last modified, and 
be able to acuratly nuke them after this point? 

I'm sorry to bother you, but I checked
and I am still lost.



Received on Monday, 13 March 1995 14:34:53 UTC