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Re: War On Iraq

From: Jim & Mary Jean <wndpsalm@chibardun.net>
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2002 21:43:10 -0500
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Dear Senator Lieberman,
We feel betrayed by your caving in to Mr. Bush's war retoric.
We strongly oppose any attack on Iraq.  Iraq is not a threat to us.  The real threat to the American people is the state of the economy.  The countless people who are unemployed, those with no health insurance, those who have lost their life savings as a result of corporate greed-- they will suffer even more with the money and attention going to war efforts rather than facing our problems here at home.  Mr. Bush is going to bankrupt this nation-- finacially and morally.  We lived through the Soviet Union and the cold war-- even with their nuclear arms!  We fear that going into Iraq will precipitate an unstable middle east and unleash biological and chemical weapons on our soldiers in the region.  Are you willing to send your own children into the Persian Gulf??
For God's sake-- THINK and please oppose Bush's plans for war!  Do what is right and just.  
We have listened to you on Face the Nation and other programs-- DO NOT betray your own party and the American people who are counting on strong leadership toward PEACE!
Jim & Mary Jean Smith
1752  9th Ave.
Chetek, WI  54728
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