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Re: To: timbl@w3.org: Albert Einstein and Albert the Great

From: albert j. pinto <alpinto@bellatlantic.net>
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 04:12:12 -0400
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To: www-p3p-public-comments@w3.org
Dear Tim Berners-Lee:

Peace in the Cyberspace of Christ and His Global Village...

In my first public letter to you, I described many of the aspects
of order and/or chaos that shall emerge in the computer age with
every IP address and scripted language added. In this letter, I hope
to offer a comparative analysis on the nature of artificial intelligence
versus the physics of nature and aeviternity. Aeviternity here means
that state of temporal presence being celestially-influenced, and welling
up as well in the body, soul and spirit of non-artificial man...

Einstein pointed to a variety of influences that relativize our concepts on
space and time: but the speed of light was to remain constant. This grand
constant works well in our spatial-temporal domain - namely, Earth's locale
but is hardly less constant than space and time depending on the influences
so theoretically warped. One proof is the nature of light as such. Let's
For if we miss this immense truth, we may make in the world of
artificialis" a mythic god of light without realizing that pure light per se
exists - and here's the key - it ain't a physical entity!

Light, insofar as it is all contracted with physical bodies, was called by
the great
mediaevalist Albert the Great, "lumen" - but even here the light was
refracting or
permeating or reflecting from a physical body: the "lumen" then was only
because of the interactive parts. Light, insofar as it was prior to these
and even insofar as it was not to be identified with the parts upon or into
which it shined,
was called "Lux" - namely, a spirited and substantial artifex that programs
a universe into
illumination! Einstein believed this at first, but could not square
Cabalistic Gnosis with Modern
Science - and so he began to permit his higher science to dim in this
regard. Prophetic, I guess,
in some small way: because modern science is rapidly becoming
theoretical-mythical gnosis even
as it yet strains to "suck thumb at mommy church" for what She did to poor
Galileo...Boo-hoo, the yoke's on all EM-2! Wherefore, I strongly advise a
hard and mediaeval review of Universal Science
before we enter the "labyrinthine rays" of artificial intelligence. Why?
Be-cause Albertus Magnus, called Universal Doctor for his commentaries on
every major principle of theology, philosophy and natural science, is just
what the Divine Doctor has ordered for our "genetically-scanned global

Scholastically yours,

Albert Pinto - Opus Doctorum Doundation
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