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I'm creating a website traffic analysis tool for use by my hosting
customers.  This tool is similar to hitbox or webtrendslive.  In order
to track visitors as they move about a website, as well as determine if
someone is a new or returning visitor, I need to place a cookie.

I've added a compact policy to the HTTP headers of the page that drops
the cookie, but IE6 still blocks it 100% of the time.  Can anyone give
me an example of a compact policy that IE6 will accept for third party
cookies that are used strictly for analysis purposes?

The page I'm using that drops the cookie is
http://www.webstorefast.com/functions/tracker.asp.  It can be seen in
use at http://www.treasurengifts.com as the "powered by" image in the
left border.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Lee Phillips
Received on Monday, 15 October 2001 03:58:30 UTC

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