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>Betreff: Re: AW: [EmotionML] implementation release and feedbacks
>Hello Kaz and other friends of EmotionML,
>as a implementer of an EmotionML library for C# [1] I want to answer to the
>request of implementation of the two new features.
>> Feature1:
>>    In Section 2.4.1 of the sepc [1], there is a feature "The end value
>>    MUST be greater than or equal to the start value", which is not
>>    checked in the Implementation Report.
>I implemented my library out of the specification, so I only don't allow that a
>start value is greater then a end value. Start value <= end value works fine.
>Please have a look at my code [2].
>> Feature2:
>>    In Section 2.1.2 of the spec [1], there is a feature "a typical use
>>    case is expected to be embedding an <emotion> into some other
>>    markup", which is not checked in the Implementation Report.
>I doesn't interact with surrounding markup in my EmotionML library (it doesn't
>make sense for me) but within my master thesis I integrate RDF in EmotionML
>in XMPP (Combination of XMPP, EmotionML, Smiley Ontology and Emotion
>Ontology). You can read about it in German/see some XML at page 77 [3].
>Furthermore I wrote a short blog post [4] about with some example XML. So I
>can also confirm that there is a implementation of this feature.
>I look forward to the EmotionML Recommendation.




>Kind regards
>Gerhard Fobe


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