[emo] EmotionML implementation report: EmotionML Library for C#

Hello together,

today I want to attach the implementation report for my EmotionML
Library for C#. I publish it at
https://github.com/gfobe/EmotionML-Lib-CSharp . With the help of this
library you can parse and create EmotionML of whole EmotionML documents
and fragments too.

Within my master thesis[1] I busy myself with EmotionML in combination
with XMPP, Smiley Ontology[2] and Emotion Ontology[3]. I needed to use
EmotionML in C# and I decide to implement this library for my own
implementation. So I can publish it as Open Source (FreeBSD licence)
now. Feel free to use. I would appreciate your feedback if you use it.

Kind regards

Gerhard Fobe

[1] Only in german. Title is "Serialisierung von Emotionen in der
textuellen Kommunikation" [serialisation of emotions in textual
[2] http://smileyontology.com/
[3] http://code.google.com/p/emotion-ontology/

Received on Saturday, 15 September 2012 00:37:33 UTC