MMI Event Library

Hey there,

as part of our ambitions in the JVoiceXML project [1] with regard to
support the MMI architectural pattern we started to work on a library to
author the event messages. For now we offer it in two flavors: XML and
protobuf [2].

The source code of can be retrieved from our repository [3]. The
binaries are published as snapshots to sonatype to be included by maven
from [4].

For now, XML support is generated from the provided XSD files.

We tried to employ inheritance in the message for an easier access to
attributes in the protobuf. Unfortunately, polymorphism is still a big
hassle with protobuf, but I managed to provide a workaround for it. The
classes that relate to each other are still different in the code that I
generate from the proto files. However, a first message hierarchy could
be established. Standard lifecycle event go to the message called
LifeCycleEvent. Extension include specific messages for requests
(LifeCycleRequest) and responses (LifeCycleResponse). The final message
classes are almost empty empty and are restricted to the definition of
the extension and allowing further extensions for the data tag. 

Here, we decided to provide a preliminary extension for strings.
However, this will be insufficient in general and should be replaceable
by custom extensions.

The proto files can be accessed from [5]. 

Any comments are welcome.



Received on Wednesday, 16 January 2013 08:45:14 UTC