RE: [ARCH] two minor issues in current MMI-Arch spec

  We accept these comments and will update the specification accordingly.

- Jim Barnett

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Subject: [ARCH] two minor issues in current MMI-Arch spec


I have been reviewing the current specification. Even though it yet makes
quite a mature impression I found some flaws that may should be revised.

The .xsd files in Appendix C require a valid mmi-representation to have
qualified attributes.

Given that it seems Appendix B is not in line with the spec.
Examples there  (see exerpt below)  are not using qualified attributes.
<mmi:newContextRequest source="someURI" target="someOtherURI"

On the other side examples in Appendix E are valid to the xsd definition:
<mmi:startRequest mmi:requestID="1.237204761416E12"
    <gui resourceid="login" xml:lang="de-DE">
      <data id="back" enabled="false"/>
      <data id="next" enabled="false"/>

Another minor issue I came across was that in Appendix F.2 the spec states:
[...]The parameter timeout is optional and describes the maximum delay
in milliseconds.[...]

Whereas the following sequence diagrams are using seconds as time unit.
e.g. 30 sec

That's what I came across so far. Overall it is fair to say that the
working draft makes a good impression on me.

Jakob Sachse.

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