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COLING  2010

OntoLex 2010: 6th Workshop on "Ontologies and Lexical Resources"

Beijing, August 21-22, 2010

Homepage: http://www.loa-cnr.it/ontolex2010

As human linguistic practice reveals, accessing to concepts through natural
language is the implicit pathway for enabling mutual comprehension and
effective meaning negotiation between agents in a community.  We need more
than a shared dictionary, in order to exchange knowledge: we need to share
the “conceptual models underlying the lexicon”, namely ontologies. These
remarks become even more crucial when focusing on human-computer
interaction. In this context, computational ontologies and human-language
technologies converge in the task of providing the semantic description of
knowledge contents (e.g. multimedia, Web resources, etc.): underlying
intended models need to be made explicit in order to become accessible by
artificial agents and sharable with humans. According to this picture, 1)
computational lexicons, whose aim is to make lexical-content
machine-understandable, constitute a fundamental component to foster the
linguistic access to any knowledge content; 2) computational ontologies, on
the other side, are necessary to capture the logical structure of those
knowledge contents: both contribute to dig out the basic elements of a given
semantic space (domain-dependent or general), characterizing the different
relations holding among them.

OntoLex workshop is addressed to researchers and practitioners from a
variety of backgrounds that are concerned with the representation,
acquisition and use of lexical knowledge in semantic annotation,
ontology-based approaches to information extraction, ontology learning,
ontology matching, ontology population, etc. 
Born in 2000 and hosted by LREC (Linguistic Resources and Evaluation
Conference) from 2002 to 2008, OntoLex has recently turned into a yearly
workshop (IJCNLP 2005, ISWC 2007): nowadays, a strong (and constantly
growing) interdisciplinary community of lexicographers, ontologists and
computational linguists recognizes OntoLex as its common “meeting place”. 
OntoLex has now its 10th “birthday”: in this year’s edition we would aim at
fostering the discussion about next-generation theories and applications, on
the basis of state-of-the-art technologies and on-going projects within the
ontolex community. Our goal is also to link past, present and future of
OntoLex research area, considering three orthogonal dimensions: 

1) Foundations

2) Methodologies

3) Applications  

Specific topics include but are not limited to:

	*   Design principles and methodologies for interfacing ontologies
and lexical resources

	* 	Use of ontologies and lexical resources in Semantic Web

	* 	Ontologies and lexical resources for meaning negotiation

	* 	Lexical resources and ontology learning

	*	Evaluation of ontolex resources in NLP tasks

	*	Evaluation of Ontologies for building ontolex resources

	*   	Ontology-driven annotation of corpora for ontology learning

	*    Open-source platforms for ontolex resources

	*    Integrating multimedia into ontolex resources

	*    Cooperative construction of ontolex resources

	*    Linguistic interfaces for Semantic Web applications

	*    Exploiting ontolex resources in social networking

	*    Web-Corpus linguistics for OntoLex Resource building

	*	Ontology-driven meta-models for multilingual lexica


Best papers will be selected for publication in a (post-proceedings) book
edited by Springer.


Paper submission deadline: 					May  26,
Notification of acceptance of papers:       	June 21, 2010
Camera-ready copy of papers due:            	July 19, 2010
COLING 2010 Workshop:                        Aug 21-22, 2010

*Due to tight reviewing schedule, the deadline is final and will NOT be


Participants are invited to submit a paper related to one or more topics of
interest at the following address:

Papers should not exceed 10 pages, including references. Formatting
guidelines reflect COLING style. See:


Alessandro Oltramari		Laboratory for Applied Ontology, (ISTC-CNR) 

Piek Vossen				Faculty of Arts, VU University

Lu-Qin					Department of Computing, The Hong
Kong Polytechnic University. 


Christiane Fellbaum 		Princeton University

Paul Buitelaar			DERI, National University of Ireland

Philipp Cimiano			Delft University of Technology

Emanuele Pianta      		Fondazione Bruno Kessler

Massimo Poesio      		University of Trento

Ed Hovy	          		University of Southern California

Bolette Pedersen 			University of Copenhagen

John Bateman	 			University of Bremen

Armando Stellato   		UniversitÓ di Roma "Tor Vergata"

Chu-Ren Hung        		The Honk Kong Polytechnic University

[other members will be confirmed soon...]

Contact:  ontolex2010@loa-cnr.it 

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